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Rohit Khare (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 14:18:50 -0800

Hmmm. biosketch. ok

I'm Rohit Khare, and I recently fled from Cambridge back to the warm, sunny
bosom of SoCal. Sorry, but that's just the way it is... I've lived all over
the States, but after a few years at Caltech, I was addicted to the weather.

After graduating, I migrated to the Web Consortium at LCS for a few years, but
kept on the road so much that I only attended a very few meetings and helped
out slightly on a 10k team. I also worked at MCI Internet Architecture in
Boston last summer. But I decided I wanted to actually get a degree in this
web stuff, so I'm researching protocol design at UC Irvine now.

In the long term, I defintely want to be involved in a startup -- I've been
dualtracked in economics and CS back to my Harvard days -- and the general
direction is 'anarchic networking'. I think the Internet model won't scale to
billions of devices -- not because the protocols won't accomodate the numbers,
but because it requires too much administration. I think there are a lot of
lessons in biological organization and markets that can help us create truly
peer-to-peer routing and naming. In short, free cellular phones without any
central phone company...

[but the first step is a proper standards for the messaging engine between
those nodes: a synthesis of all the TPs out there today: SMTP, FTP, HTTP,
NNTP, etc. That's the subject of a new column I'm doing in IEEE Internet

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mailing list. All and sundry are invited to browse and/or join:

Rohit Khare