Re: Porn/PICS in 6.001 classroom [Abelson]

Brian A. LaMacchia (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 17:32:43 -0800

At 05:08 PM 3/2/98 -0600, Jeff Bone wrote:
>Seriously, though, my immediate reaction is, what's Abelson doing
>slumming in this topic? IMO, the guy's better than that. A&S is one of
>my favorite texts.

Hal's been interested in the policy side of the house for a while now,
dating back at least to when he & I stirred the PGP/RSADSI pot in late '93.
Check out, home page for "Ethics & Law
on the Electronic Frontier," which he's taught a few times now.

In this case, what you're seeing is a result of both Hal & Jim Miller being
involved teaching 6.001 (S&ICP) this term.