Internet Classified Ad Escrow Service

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 18:06:53 -0800

Peyman forwarded a heads-up about

They collect a fee from buyer and seller, and hold the funds in escrow until
the product ships and the reciever accepts it. Reasonable enough. One side
pays in a purchase; both in a swap.



TradeSafe's fee is based on the transaction price:

Sales Price Fee

Up to $300 $15.00

$301 - $500 $20.00

$501 - $1000 $30.00

$1001 - $2500 $40.00

$2501 - $5000 $50.00

Over $5000 call for rates and approval TradeSafe is an affordable escrow service specifically designed to make online buying, selling, and trading safe and easy.

Buyer and Seller cut their deal and contact TradeSafe;

TradeSafe deposits the purchase funds in a trust account;

Seller ships once Buyer's check has cleared at TradeSafe;

Buyer receives and inspects the goods, then:

TradeSafe forwards the purchase money to Seller if the goods are accepted;

If the Buyer is not satisfied, the purchase money is returned to the Buyer once the Seller has the goods back in hand.