Re: PICS in 6.001 classroom

Robert Harley (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 12:29:47 +0100

>Students in Structure and Interpretations of Computer Programs (6.001)
>were shocked, confused, and amused when they entered 10-250 for
>lecture yesterday.

Oh no! What did they see? A program with a goto? A hex listing of a
6502 interrupt handler with a blatant race condition? Shudder! I
can't bear to imagine what it might have been!

>The home page for a pornographic web site was displayed on the
>projection screen at the front of the auditorium. Its logo had full
>frontal nudity and a banner advertisement promised "full screen, top
>resolution" pictures.

Hey, that's pretty cool. Once at École Polytechnique, a lecture hall
(in which yours truly was present) was treated to half a minute of
X-rated video with a hot babe getting penetrated three ways at once
plus a dick in each hand. Student prank. Now *that* was cool.

>The objective was to "demonstrate that [pornography on the Internet]
>really is a problem," said Professor of Electrical Engineering and
>Wuss Emeritus Harold Abelson PhD '73 [...]

Uhhh... am I missing something? Full frontal nudity. Where's the problem?

>[...] offended [...] offensive [...] offensive [...] offended [...]
>offensive [...] offended [...] offended [...] offended [...]

1. If you don't know any vocabulary, get a fucking thesaurus.

2. Why do these snivelling shitheads feel the need to feign disgust?

3. Were they equally grossed out when they looked at themselves in
the mirror this morning? Actually, don't answer that.

4. When does the a Senate committee start hearings to out the
dangerous anti-American closet "pornographers".

Glad I'm on this end of the planet,

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