Tourist attractions of Charles DeGaulle Airport

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 06:31:21 -0800

This man I *must* visit next time I'm in Paris. rob: is this TRUE?!

* In 1988, Iranian Merhan Nasseri, then 46, landed at Charles de
Gaulle Airport near Paris after being denied entry into England
because his passport, and United Nations refugee certificate, had
been stolen. French authorities would not let him leave the
airport, and there he has been ever since, in Terminal One,
luggage at his side, reading, writing in his diary, studying
economics, receiving food and newspapers from airport
employees. News of the Weird (which gave status reports on
Nasseri in 1991 and 1995) has also been around since 1988, and
with this column begins its 11th year. Charles de Gaulle
spokeswoman Danielle Yzerman said, of Nasseri, "An airport is
kind of a place between heaven and earth; he has found a home
here." So is a newspaper, and so has News of the Weird.

from News of the Weird and with
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