RE: Emued Blue (and Experimental Theology)

Joe Barrera (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 13:22:11 -0800

> Then again, there's the "interactive java slide rule", at
> <>
> The particular slipstick emu'ed may be more recent than the EDSAC,
> but the architecture goes back a few centuries.

Very nice. But isn’t HP violating K&E’s copyright? (Look at the picture and
you can even see the ©)

More info about slide rules (including inventors) can be found at
<> .

I just received an Otis King cylindrical rule in the mail yesterday -- see
<> . (I bought it from ebay, the
source of many good things.)

> If AltaVista can be used as a gratuitously big-irony spell checker, can it
settle really important questions, like the debate of faith vs. works?
I also yesterday for the first time listened to John Cale’s Eat/Kiss (music
for Warhol’s films) which included a spoken word piece about a damned
theologian who was too intent on proving that faith alone is necessary for
salvation that he didn’t realize he was dead. Once again we see the
interconnectedness of all things…

- Joe