Bill on the Hill

CobraBoy (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 07:50:30 -0800

Did anyone watch this on CSPAN last night? It was pretty intense. I was
actually amazed how well informed some of the Senators were, and even the
ones that didn't seem to know squat about computers posed some good

A few things stood out for me.

1) Seems the big ball breaker for Microsoft on the ISP issue is Earthlink.
I'm glad to see even Bill Gates isn't immune to the misery that Earthlink
brings into your life.

2) A lot of time was spent declaring Microsoft a monopoly, which everyone
seemed to agree on. One major point was wither another OS could come along
and challenge Ms. No one seemed to mention Linux. Is this computings dirty
little secret?

3) Bill G did mention his subsidiary MSW3C as the reason the "Best Viewed
By...." tags won't be needed in the future. This was during the questioning
about Ms forcing content providers to only support Exploder. Barksdale
commented later if it wasn't for Netscape you wouldn't hear Gates mention
the W3C. Gates also mentioned "PICS" and how they can't wait to support it.

4) McNealy mentioned Apple in the context that "the best doesn't always
win," later Alsop mentioned Apple as a company Ms stole from and
incorporated into it's products. Job's wasn't invited to the party.

5) Michael Dell got seriously reamed, almost ambushed on why Dell doesn't
offer Navigator. After that reaming he pretty much shut up.

6) The Great Plains guy (forget his name) was pretty much a shill for
Gates. It was pretty sickening. I seriously doubt anyone there didn't see
through his ra-ra act. Job's would have been much more colorful.



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