Exclusive scoop on upcoming cameras from Kodak

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Wed, 4 Mar 1998 10:39:11 -0800


Monday March 2

Exclusive scoop on upcoming cameras from Kodak, from an anonymous

I saw the [DC-]220 and the [DC-]260 last week at a meeting with Kodak

their imaging headquarters in Atlanta, and they're very impressive.

220 is slated to be $899 and the 260 at $999, with both having sound

annotation and a more-like-a-35mm-SLR form factor. The 220 is silver

and the 260 is an upscale deep charcoal, almost black. The 260 will
drive a

slave flash, and is 1.6 megapix, but the 220 won't, and it's the same

resolution as the 200/210 -- 1152 x 864.

One of the coolest things about both is their new scripting feature.

batch files, you can write scripts that reside on the flash cards, and

scripts can perform actions like changing camera settings, taking

shots (at varying settings, like traditional bracketing if you want),
and even

prompting the user on-screen with custom menus. You can place HTML

files on the flash card, and the scripts can link the images into the

files automatically. The HTML files can also be used as watermarks,

that a photo could have your logo, date/time, and any text you want

overlaid (at varying opacities) on top of the photo at the time of


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