Micali's low-trust 'democratic' certified email delivery?

Rohit Khare (rohit@bordeaux.ICS.uci.edu)
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 13:31:01 -0800

Anyone near MIT attending? Most curious... RK


Subject: Tomorrow, Talk by Silvio Micali, 1:30 in NE43-518

Date: FRIDAY, March 6th
Time: 1:20 Light Refreshments
1:30 Talk - EARLIER TIME this week
Where: NE43-518



Silvio Micali


We present a VERY PRACTICAL protocol for Certified E-Mail. Our protocol:
1) Guarantees that the Recipient gets the Mail if and only if the Sender
gets the corresponding Receipt;
2) Provides Receipts that prove the exact content of the Mail; and
3) Makes limited use of a very weak form of a Trusted Party:
one that does not participate in a regular transaction, but,
if something is wrong, can still take a simple action to yield
a fair exchange of Mail and Receipt.

In our talk we shall make elementary use of cryptography, and emphasize
instead the advantage and power of such "low-profile" trusted parties in
Internet Transactions. Such trust model guarantees low costs, low liability
low congestions, and preserves the distributed and ``democratic'' use of the
Internet in a variety of purely commercial applications.

Host: Ron Rivest

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