Digital special effects

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 06:05:10 -0800

East San Jose sets up Mount Pleasant
High School as nation's first animation
magnet school.

First-year students in the Mount Pleasant magnet get a crash
course in art history, animation history, basic drawing
techniques and basic black-and-white animation. They also
learn to do short stop-action animations with clay and cut
paper, create traditional flip books and even study early
thermotropes -- simple animations attached to a stick, which
are spun like a top to animate.

The second year, students move on to basic computer animation
and special effects, getting a chance to work on the same
professional-level Apple Macintosh and Silicon Graphics O2
graphics workstations that are found at most high-end
animation studios.

Hey! I thought they used Alpha machines running Linux (Greg
says writing this on his year old, painstakingly slow, 180mhz
R5k machine which to upgarde it to a 200mhz is about $1800
*including* academic discount which doesn't even help with
the GL Quake performance).