Re: ed yourdon on Y2k armaggedon (long & scary)

David Crook (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 14:30:04 -0800

Lloyd Wood wrote:
> It's often been pointed out that the US power grid, particularly the
> western seaboard, is notoriously fragile and doesn't balance loads or
> handle excess demands well. So, large-scale power brown- or blackouts
> are possible as a result of a knock-on effect. Remember also that the
> people in Auckland, NZ didn't have guns. It's taken far less than this
> to spark riots in LA.

This is what I'm waiting for, LA, no lights on for hundreds of square
miles except for burning buildings and flashes from full auto machine
gun fire and no way to effectively call the police even if they weren't
barricaded up in their stations. Its gonna be some party.

Dave "Time to hit that all-night 'fire' sale at circut city!" Crook