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Mon, 9 Mar 1998 18:30:32 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Dan Kohn wrote:

> is a great, Drudge-like site for movie
> gossip and word on pre-release movie testing. But, I want to send mail
> to the guy arguing against centering all text. It's just horrendous to
> read.

It's merely slightly annoying in lynx, once you get over the fact that

A couple of months ago I saw a television interview with the site's
creator - the large unshaven redhead in the background graphic next to
his parents.

Harry Jay Knowles lives at home with his parents. This is all he does.
Even so, people send him scripts and he claims to wield a ridiculous
and ever-increasing amount of power in Hollywood, having apparently
single-handedly pointed out that Batman and Robin was the obvious
dud you'd expect it to be.

I've no idea of the original source of the interview, but it appeared
as a segment on BBC1's "Film 98" with Barry Norman, who after it
finished, turned to the camera and said deadpan 'Who knows - this
could happen in the UK next' which Rather Missed The Point Somewhat
but may have been another attempt at pointing out that the UK does
have a film industry, honest.

'What makes these so different is my philosophy that film review
doesn't begin and end with the opening and ending titles. There is
more to it. What we do and who we are affects the review.' Well, yes,
but more philosophy reading and less egotism needed in the reviews,
IMO. The Titanic review is a prime example of not separating the
reviewer from the film; his stomach gets more mentions than the ship

The other problem is that Harry constantly identifies himself as a
geek. Rohit has also been known to identify himself as a geek.

Given the range of differences between them in dress and in the levels
of expression in their writing, one of them must obviously be lying.


wonderful. I've just developed the concept of the 3% geek.