Re: The New Business Class

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 19:31:58 -0500

NYT article states:
>(Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is larger than Manhattan.)

That looked pretty suspicious to me - but it turns out, it's
true. Ah, the web. How else would we ever have been able
to check useless statistical claims like this?

At we learn:
> Real property at DFW consist of 17,637 acres
>(43,564.5 hectares), located in Dallas and Tarrant counties.
> Second largest airport in the United States and third largest
> in the world.

then scoot to for
the handy converter that tells us that 17,637 acres is 27.5 sq.miles.

informs us that:

>(Exclusive of Streets and Major Bodies of Water)
>Borough Land Area in Millions of Square Feet Percent
>Manhattan 470.0 6.8
> New York City's land area covers 321 square miles, over 205,000
> acres. Excluding streets and major bodies of water, almost 6.9
> billion square feet of land (over 150,000 acres) are available
> for use.

Doing the necessary conversions, Manhattan is 16.8 sq.miles,
minus "streets & major bodies of water". Allowing for this, call
it 20 sq. miles.

But wait!
> The total area of Denver International Airport is 53 square miles,
> twice the size of Manhattan Island, New York, and larger than each
> city boundary of Boston, Miami and San Francisco.

Well, there you go. Denver's white elephant wins again.
Manhattan 20. DFW 27.5. Denver Airport 53.

Other things learned researching the above:

1. You can hear live Air Traffic Control conversations with
planes landing and arriving at DFW -
Fun, if you're into that sort of thing, I guess.

2. The world's top 3 airports (by # of passangers) remain
O'Hare, Atlanta Hartsfield, DFW, in that order. But on the
list of the world's top 50 (,
the airport with (by far!) the largest annual growth was
Cincinnati's CVG - it grew 23.9%, with the runner up being
Salt Lake City at a distant 14.2%. CVG is a major Delta hub,
making it virtually impossible to get in or out of Cincinnati
other than with Delta. And you thought only LECs had

3. Yahoo's classification for New York City's Boroughs,,
reveals that only 4 of NYC's 5 boroughs feel it necessary
to have their own Yahoo category. Entries exist for The Bronx,
Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. No yahooers in
Manhattan apparently.

Ain't "resesarch" fun?
Has anyone seen any good studies on the art of good, creative
surfing and incidental learning?