FW: Progress of important work in the field

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Who is this "Wendy Mattson" person? And why can't she type?

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Subject: FW: Progress of important work in the field

of no import -- but fun

see if you can help their cause, and add the use of the word
"cogno-intellectual" in your chatter.

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Subject: Progress of important work in the field

on an important linguistic project and two new vital areas of research for
editors and writers.

1998-03-08 Cogno-Intellectual Talk Radio
Here is further news of our campaign to insinuate a new nonsense word into
official, unknowing use. "Cogno-intellectual," our impressively meaningless
mouthful of syllables, is turning up hither, thither, and yon.
A search of USENET found 46 instances. Our favorite is the sentence, "The
cogno-intellectual implications of this research create a whole new paradigm
for the subject."
It is encouraging that at least one Nobel Laureate is now carefully working
the word, with deadpan panache, into some of his public lectures.
And next, brave fellow cogno-intellectuals, we urge you to take on...
TALK RADIO: If you have a spare moment, and are sick unto death of the
blather that goes over the airwaves, phone up your most or least favorite
talk radio show. It does not matter what subject is being discussed that
day. Slip the word "cogno-intellectual" into your conversation.

1998-03-09 Announcing Project Typographical Erros
We prudely announce a massive new undertaking, "PROJECT TYPOGRAPHICAL
The formal name is: "A History of Typographical Erros Occurring in Books and
Articles About Typographical Errors." This project is self-explainatory. We
request that all editors and poofreaders of relevant pubications and e-lists
disseminate word to the masses.
Please direct all data and inquiries to project director
Wendy Mattson <posh@sirius.com <mailto:posh@sirius.com
<mailto:posh@sirius.com> >>

1998-03-12 Call for Papers: Journal of the Passive Voice
A new publication has been started. It has been reported to be a
sub-publication of the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR). The new journal
has been named "The Journal of the Passive Voice." Articles written entirely
in the passive voice will be seen to have been published in this new
journal. It has been recommended by the editors that submissions be kept to
minimal length. The following address has been designated as the place to
which submissions and passive correspondence can be sent:
Journal of the Passive Voice
c/o Annals of Improbable Research
PO Box 380853
Cambridge, MA 02238 USA
<marca@wilson.harvard.edu <mailto:marca@wilson.harvard.edu
<mailto:marca@wilson.harvard.edu> >>

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