Re: [VOID] Movie Night

CobraBoy (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 20:17:23 -0800

At 12:21 PM -0800 3/9/98, David Long came up with the following:

> > LA's First OXYGEN BAR -- Headache? Hangover? Insomnia? Sleepy?
> > Depressions? Lack of Energy? Does the LA Smog bother you? If you
> > say yes to one of all of these questions [RK: aren't some of these
> > mutex?!], you might lack OXYGEN! Even if you're perfectly healthy,
> > OXYGEN will do you good!
> Hmmm. Like paper money and building-cities-with-lousy-ports-where-one-must-
> get-engineers-to-pipe-in-water[0], oxygen didn't get popular until relatively
> recently because the nasty side effects far outweigh the benefits[1].
> for us, life also "routes around damage", and after the available reducing
> sinks (Banded Iron Formations, etc.) were used up and the atmosphere began
> to positively reek of oxygen [2], eventually enterprising eukaryotes
> established effective enzymatic methods of dealing with oxygen overload.
> It sounds like Rohit and his new biology friends need to open up across
> from this place, selling enyzmatic chasers: catalase, peroxidase, and
> superoxide dismutase cocktails.
> -Dave


Please stop. While some of us can handle a SDC, Rohit is still working on
Fajita night at La Capilla.



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