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CobraBoy (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 20:27:58 -0800

At 5:57 PM -0800 3/9/98, Dan Kohn came up with the following:

> You now have to pay to get access to Slate, and it remains a fantastic
> value at only $19.95.
> I believe this is Bill's first public mention of Linux.
> - dan
> People tell me the part where Barksdale polled the audience and asked
> only the PC users to raise their hands and then drop them if they use
> any Microsoft software was the best theater of the hearing. A video bite
> is even better than a sound bite and this was a strong video bite. If I
> had been smart about it I would have asked them to indicate if any of
> them have to pay Microsoft anything in the future unless we come up with
> a great new version of Windows. In other words, Microsoft gets no
> revenue except for innovation that goes so far beyond what they already
> have that it's worth the trouble to switch. I should have asked why they
> didn't choose LINUX or OS/2 or Macintosh--was it because of some
> capacity restriction or simply because they thought Windows with all the
> applications we have evangelized is the best choice. The same poll could
> have been done at one time for WordPerfect or Novell Netware or dozens
> of other technology products that are no longer popular.

Umm... duh?

CobraBoy's quote:

"I should have asked them how many of them went to Best Buy's to get a
computer and are using the OS that came pre-installed. THEN I should have
asked them how many had ever even heard of Linux, not to mention knew how
to run it."

I'm confused, is Gates predicting the self destruction of Microsoft like
WordPerfect or Novell?


The real problem wasn't Internet Explorer, it's the fact that people use the Windows operating system. - Simson L. Garfinkel

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