Just in time for St.Pat's

Jay Thomas (jpthomas@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 12:07:38 -0500

And, no, it's not just "1,001 ways to boil a potato".


I love to cook, love Ireland & Irish food, so really enjoy this site.
Their Restaurant index leaves a lot to be desired (about 6
restaurants, all in Dublin), but there're some great recipes. Just
wanted to share :) Happy St. Patty's

BTW: For any who'll be passing through Eire anytime soon, I highly
recommend the Mustard Seed in Ballingarry, Limerick
(http://www.eireann.com/snnrest.htm). I haven't eaten there since they
moved from Adare, but the food and service was some of the best I've
ever had.

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