Cathay continues to cyberpromote

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 18:45:38 -0800

Too bad I'm off ot Brisbane that weekend. It's quite a nice offer. True, it
*is* only the Kowloon Hyatt-- the Grand Hyatt on the island where I stayed
last May is the worldwide flagship, so it's tough competition.

I forward this as a sign of 1) how much the HK tourist market must be hurting
and 2) how Cathay is using its Cybertraveler direct marketig campaign to reach
its market. Remember, for them, US HK-bound travelers are a diffuse and
occasional market; they don't have the feeder network synergies of the US

On the other hand, this offer doesn't accumulate mileage...


PS. Isn't a secret internet offer an oxymoron of some sort? And yet, if anyone
on FoRK really DID want to go to HK, this is pure mockery... it's only valid
for people named 'rohit khare'

PPS. Although I did, honest-to-goodness, meet a UCI extension computer
engineering student today by the name of *Rohita* -- She came over with her
husband a year ago and will soon be an ICS Master's student in the software

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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 14:43:37 -0800
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Hong Kong/2 people/4 days/3 nights/$1,299 total price for 2! (khare)

March 10, 1998

Dear Rohit Khare, ( Username=khare )

You have been randomly INVITED to participate in a
marketing test of an amazing, deluxe travel offer
from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

It's called the April Away in Hong Kong package.

you'll need this if you decide to buy.

The trip you are about to read about IS NOT
TRANSFERABLE TO ANYONE ELSE; only you and a guest can
use it. In order to buy the trip outlined below,
you'll need to follow the instructions EXACTLY and in
a timely manner.

Here's the SPECIAL PERSONAL OFFER made just to
you, Rohit Khare:

You can buy a deluxe trip for 2 to Hong Kong, departing
Saturday April 11, 1998 and returning Wednesday
April 15, 1998 for a total and complete price of
USD $1,299. That is not a per-person price, but the
total price for two people.

You'll be whisked to and from the airport in a private
hotel car and stay at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hong
Kong where you'll enjoy 3 nights deluxe double-occupancy
hotel accommodations. We've even included a full
American & Asian buffet breakfast each day.

If you'd like to read more about this trip, point
your web browser at the following secret location:
or AOL users can click <a href="">

There are only 50 trips for 2 available; when they are
gone THERE ARE NO MORE! We are selling on a first
come, first served basis only.

If you can leave on April 11 and return on April 15
(no other travel dates are available) and if you have
$1,299.00 readily available, you can now request an
authorization code to buy an April Away package.

But hurry, we only have 50 authorization
codes to give out and once they are gone, there
will be no more unless individuals fail to complete
their purchase. You have 48 hours from the date WE
sent this e-mail to you to reply and request an
authorization number. Requests received after that
time will be rejected. Sorry.

It is quite likely that we will "sell out"
quickly -- and if that is the case by the time you
receive and read this e-mail message please accept
our apologies.

Here is how to buy the April Away package AFTER you've
reviewed the whole offer at:

1. Reply to this e-mail message and ask for an
authorization code within 48 hours of the date we
sent it to you (the sooner the better as this offer
is first come, first served). We'll get back to you
within 24 hours or less. But hurry, we only have 50
authorization codes to give out. But please don't
obtain one if you don't intend to buy; there are many
others who DO want to buy and we'd like to serve them
as quickly as possible.

2. When you receive an authorization code back from us
(if we still have any left), you are then guaranteed an
April Away package.

3. Print out the Ticket Purchase Form at

4. Complete the Ticket Purchase Form in full and attach
your check for USD $1,299. Make sure to write in both
your personal invitation number, 19635492612 and
your authorization code in the space provided.
Sorry, no credit cards are accepted for this offer.

5. Mail the form and your check to the address
indicated on the form. We MUST receive your
Ticket Purchase Form and check within 5 business
days of the date we sent you an authorization code.
If we don't receive your Ticket Purchase Form and
check by that date, we'll revoke your authorization
code and give it to someone who is on the standby-list.

Sorry, but once that happens, there is no way for
you to buy an April Away package so please be sure
to get your paperwork here on-time.

6. Once we receive your check, we'll send you an e-mail
message confirming receipt of your paperwork. Please
don't call us as our reservations department has no
information whatsoever about this promotion.

7. We'll send your airline tickets and hotel voucher
via Federal Express during the first week of April.

We hope you find this offer to your liking ...
if not, please stay tuned as we may have others during
the course of the year (but none have yet been
firmly established).

Best regards,

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
USA Marketing Headquarters
El Segundo, California


Our lawyers made us include the following information:

These are April Away offer highlights intended to
create interest. Before purchasing, you must review
the full offer terms and conditions at Price does not
include Hong Kong airport tax of approximately
USD$13.00 per person. Travel valid only for the specific
dates shown. Seats and hotel rooms for this offer are
limited and only 50 packages (for 1 or 2 persons each)
are for sale. Advance reservation, advance ticketing,
minimum/maximum stay apply. No refunds after tickets
have been issued. Changes subject to fee of up to
USD$150.00. Air travel is Economy Class Los Angeles to
Hong Kong to Los Angeles. No paid or mileage upgrades
are available. Offer available only to those invited
to participate. Participants must be USA residents with
USA mailing addresses. Payment by personal check only;
no credit cards accepted. April Away travel does not
earn frequent flyer mileage credit or points. This
offer subject to termination without notice. Additional
restrictions and conditions apply, please refer to the
offer details on the Internet at