RE: Bill Gates mentions Linux

Josh Cohen (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:27:41 -0800

> Man, the evil empire is so nasty. I mean they actualy take customer
> feedback and use it. Fuck, we cant have that, I mean people
> might actualy
> USE thier products and put some industry wonks in a bad light.
> What is it about this debate that brings out the Jerry
> Springer Mentality
> in folks?
Today on Springer:
The religious wrong confronts its real enemy.

"Hey man! (fist pounding bible in hand) Those microsofties
are sinners! They are the Source of all that is wrong
in the world. Ferget all the homos and perverts, dont bother
me with the facts, Microsoft is Evil."

*bzzzt* [implant activation].....
I work for who ?