Re: Steve & Bill sitting on a hill...

Charles Kerr (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 16:42:26 -0600

>> Will Work Together to Ease Developer Access to Native Mac
>> OS Services; Improvements in Java Performance, Robustness
>> Expected in Future Java Virtual Machine

Let me say this about that-- here's a letter I found elsewhere
about this earlier today. This is from an Apple person, not an
MS press release, so hopefully it's a little closer to the truth.

>Subject: Apple-Microsoft Announcement Implications
>Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 12:56:24 -0800
>From: Jordan Dea-Mattson <>
>To: "MRJ Dev List" <>
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>Ok, I can see that a lot of concern is present in this list about the
>Apple-Microsoft deal and its implications for Apple support of Java
>compatibility (and hence support for "100% Pure Java" applications) in
>Mac OS and Rhapsody.
>At its core, this announcement is about reducing the number of JVMs that
>are present on Apple's platforms. In order for Microsoft to use MRJ,
>there were some features of J/Direct (as opposed to JDirect) that they
>needed folded into MRJ.
>The center of gravity is still MRJ for Java development on the Mac OS.
>Apple is still focused on providing a high-performance, high-conformance,
>JVM to achieve Java compatibility and support "100% Pure Java"
>applications on Mac OS and Rhapsody.
>Jordan J. Dea-Mattson
>Senior Partnership & Technology Solutions Manager
>Apple Developer Relations