22 other "youths"

Ron Resnick (rresnick@dialogosweb.com)
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 12:50:31 -0500


> FBI Warns of Pedophiles on the Internet

Yawn. You don't say?

> By Joanne Kenen
> WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

> Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Louis Freeh told a
> Senate panel that no one really knew how widespread the
> problem is but that parents are too complacent about the dangers
> their children can encounter on their home computers.

Translation: Freeh needs more funding to convince everyone
how baaaaad the Internet is.

> In one indication of the risks, FBI agent Linda Hooper said that
> when an agent pretending to be a teenage girl signed on to a "chat
> room" limited to 23 children, all 22 other "youths" turned out to be
> adults seeking improper contact with her.

Uh huh. So one adult imposter finds 22 other adult imposters, and
she's complaining? What's FBI agent Linda Hooper doing masquerading
as a child? How dare she? It's an outrage! What I see here are
23 adults, all over the age of consent, hanging out together. Where
are the kiddies in this picture? Where's the "improper contact"?
Exactly which "chat room limited
to children" are we talking about anyway?

What bullshit. Then I see the same story on CNN. Is there
no critical journalism left to trash this sort of thing?