Re: Mile-wide asteroid may kill us all (in 2028)

Steve Nordquist (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 15:27:29 -0600

Dan Kohn wrote:

> According to Slate's Today's Papers:

Haha, Slate is said by Suck to be toast and one mile's cubed worth of Borg
or Ch'thwulf
or whatnot isn't going to move any fault (though I could be entertained by a
of the probability of it affecting a given backbone network.) Whence did
the last data on
that comet come, anyhow? Is this about those data drigibles?
Meanwhile, this -also-follows the best-selling and worst novel (ever!)
_Firestar_, in which a Hillary Clintonesque character takes over an Ayn Rand
character's business and manages its Space
Development and Educational Outreach programs simultaneously, while being
(in lieu of a thesis)
paranoid that a comet would strike the earth. Next up is a middling anime
called 'Machine Planet Gakkusaver,' in which a rocket meant to divert said
rocky cosmic bit doesn't come into use. The rocket-powered giant robot thus
comes into use & disuse of the local high school's athletic club.
No links available somehow! (See Nikaku Animart or Mikado in north San
Jose, sorry.)

Anything (Squaresoft, 'Comet digital Pet') more modern than that, you knew.