Re: [Fwd: Re: When will digital photography replace regular photography?]

Seth Golub (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 14:21:37 -0800 (PST)

Michael Stutz <> writes:

> Take 100 of your negatives to a photo shop who can turn it into a
> Kodak PhotoCD. [..] This is a much better solution than scanning it
> yourself, as you'll never be able to scan it as good as they can
> (the PhotoCD process uses clean rooms, the images are very high
> resolution, etc).

This is in stark contrast to Kodak's other digital option.

The last time I had film developed, I was offered a choice between
double prints and single prints plus JPEGs on floppies. I wanted
online copies, and I don't have a scanner, so I opted for the
floppies. They suck. Not only were all the images upside down and in
the wrong order (misnumbered file names), but the scans are of poor

You can see the results for yourselves at and
though you won't be able to compare them to the prints without
arranging a private showing.

(Btw, the pictures are of the road rally I was preparing during the SF
FoRKfest last summer.)