Advanced Workflow

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 21:21:47 -0800

One of the fun parts of graduate school is that
you get to make up a whole lot of words. I've been
told that I speak 'educationese' and 'psycho babble'
in the past two days, but then again I am a teflon
grad student and criticisms from spell-checkers are
nothing but sticks and stones.

My current labor of love to get me the
heck right out of here is my survey paper on Advanced
Workflow Management Technologies. Two of the steps
that have been institutionalized here at UCI are
the comparison matrix and broad purpose survey paper.
It was my intention to throw down the gauntlet and
set a standard for these two deliverables that
was so high that other gradudate students like maybe
Rohit, Roy, and Jim's would pale by comparison, but I
got tired of writing and packed it full of buzzwords
and gratuitous citations. Anyways, I just thought
I'd share:


p.s. Yes, Rohit, your name is in the acknowledgements.