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Rohit Khare (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 02:43:39 -0800


That's pretty fuckin' pathetic, Tim. Really a piss-poor showing and
part of your traditional disdain for useful information. I don't give
a shit how wasted you are on a Saturday night, don't bore us with

The only reason I can fathom this machine has even filtered down the
clue chain to bottom-feeders like this is because Dave Farber posted
two excellent clues about the comp unit he got on his trip to Japan
to IP tonight. Or, you might have bothered asking around; I saw one
at IETF fully four months ago, and reported on it at that time. Jim
was there...

Here are some real bits, to make up for the anti-cluons CobraBoy and
whole freakin' lot of you folks are shoveling onto FoRK this week...


PS. He had a second message describing the EX, which has the 233Mhz
MMX processor -- but his was a freebie, so he didn't complain about
the getting the obsolete one. It's one of many similar platforms in
Japan, but he explained it had the best "hand". Pardon me while I go
shoot the lcoal maintainer of MH for making rmm immediately



Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 20:16:17 -0500
From: Dave Farber <>
Subject: IP: After Tokyo -- a note book report

I got home with a Sony pcg-505 Vaio notebook.

Quoting from IDG-Net

"The subnotebook is less than 1-inch thick, weighs 2.97 pounds, and has a
10.4-inch thin-film transistor SVGA LCD screen. It comes with a 133-MHz
Pentium MMX processor, 32MB of EDO RAM, a built-in 33.6Kbps modem, and an
infrared port. Also included is a Port Replicator, which attaches to the
side of the notebook, giving support for a serial port, parallel port,
external VGA monitor, mouse, and keyboard. In addition, the PCG-505 has a
PC drive option with a PC Card. "

It has a 1 gig hard disk. Several things.

Battery life on the normal battery looks like maybe 100 minutes on full power.

You can, I am told, fit in the Toshiba 2 meg hard disk

The screen is very good!!

I decided to keep the Windows 95 J operating system since I find most of
the non English comments understandable in context and was able to install
US Office and Eudora under the WIN96J with no problems and full English.
When Sony releases the US version I will update. This way all the features
work as installed with no pain and a mostly reasonable keyboard.

I miss not having two pcmica slots!!

How does it compare to the Libretto. So far it is an improvement. All I
have is an old Toshiba 50, I cannot compare the Sony against the new 100
for speed.

Good job Sony -- you have a true winner at a good price (the Japanese 505
is selling at T-Zone USA for about $2400 (same as Japan)), now when will
they show in the USA???!!!