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> I see nothing wrong with ignoring .htm and deliberately encouraging
> people to stick with .html on machines with adequate filing systems.
> We can't really blame the account user for not actually noticing his
> own environment, because he's obviously running Internet Explorer, the
> browser which actually deliberately ignores server mimetype
> instructions to encourage mass legacy support for the original DOS
> filing system no matter what.
> It's another Internet-Explorer-can't-implement-standards problem. Any
> questions?
> L.
Lets not totally blame IE. The fault here is that there is no mime types
file to map htm to text/html on the server. (as it was said earlier).
All IE does is notice the htm and cope with the fact that many unix server
administrators dont setup mime-types to reflect the types of content that
their content authors use. IMHO what should happen here is that the server
admin should either communicate to the content authors what the right
extension is ( .html or .htm) OR he should update the mime-types file
to reflect what they are using (htm).

Would it be smart to change IE so that it doesnt do this? It might cause a
authors to notice that their server's mime types arent set right, but mainly
it will just break tons of files that are just htm.

my 0.02

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