Re: Elwood's Fixations

David Crook (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 10:00:39 -0800

Lloyd Wood wrote:
> (I'm all for byars, tomw and crook permanently using noarchive.)

But that would conflict with my firmly held belief that the universe
revolves around me. I plan to have all of my email correspondance and
usenet posts engraved on gold tablets and placed on a space probe bound
for deep space just so that in case some terrible disaster strikes the
earth and humanity is wiped out my writings will remain to represent the
sum of our civilization. I do plan to mention you in a footnote Lloyd.

Dave "I've always been confused by cosmologists studying distant stars
to determine the shape of the universe, its like, hey guys, I'm over
here, the universe starts right where I am" Crook

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