[TRAVELMAN] Palo Alto, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Los Angeles, 3/18-4/3

Rohit Khare (rohit@bordeaux.ICS.uci.edu)
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 12:00:46 -0800

[Sorry that only parts of this message are relevant to certain people. For
most of you, the main point is the IETF pseudo-social invitation below.-- RK]

This Wednesday, March 18, my Mom will be flying into SFO; my Dad will
be joining her Friday night. I will be driving up from LA sometime
Friday afternoon, most likely, and will stay in the Bay Area through
Sunday morning March 22nd. I'm looking forward to meeting Wendy, Joe,
Ernie, Seth, and Ron there.

Sunday, we will be driving to Las Vegas. We'll stay there overnight
and check out our old homestead in Boulder City on Monday; that night
we'll drive back to Irvine. Anyone from LA want to ride along?

Tuesday March 24th, I will be flying to Seattle at 6:30 AM for the
first day of XML'98. I expect to meet Dan Kohn that night. I won't
have a car that week, but I'll be staying at the Westin in downtown
Seattle through Sunday morning the 28th. I would really like to meet
some Seattle filks that weekend: Mark, Todd, Lisa, Magnus, Yaron,
Megan ...

Then, we have the IETF Sunday reception at the Westin LA. Monday is
the first meeting of the Web Evolution working group (er, http-ext)
with TLS in the afternoon. DAV Searching (dasl) is Wednesday evening;
WebDAV is on Thursday afternoon.

*** I'd like to organize a major party during IETF week, especially
since there isn't an official social. Penn & Teller are in town that
week at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills -- please RSVP if you
would be interested in show tickets and dinner afterward at Toi on
Sunset (Thai) on Tuesday night March 31st, or would vote for another

That Friday, April 3, there's an Annals of Improbable Research lecture
by Marc Abrahms at San Diego State University I'd like to attend.
After that, a week of rest, and then WWW7 Brisbane April 10-19 and
(probably) SIGCHI'98 April 19-23, also in LA.

Rohit "not-a-Particle-Man" Khare