Re: On Godwin's Law

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Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:08:57 -0600

Hitler. Schmitler.
Hitlermeme. Nietschememe.

Godwin is Hitler.
Dirties, howling
Gershwin, L'Idiot
Hoisting Wilder
Howling tidiers
Isolde, writhing
I wish to "Grindle".
Low-tide hirings
Religion's width
Siding with lore
Whirliest dingo
Withering idols

> A nice, quick, but not completely thought out, riposte.

A loooong, well-done, overly-thought-out reply follows.

> Logic would suggest that ...
> 1. Joseph loses the argument, by Godwin's law ... 2. 3.

Actually, this forms, in logical terms, a tristable multivibrator, which was
discovered in 1914 by Bismarcky-Marck. Russell later disproved this, as
belonging to the malformed set of all malformed sets which contain self-
referential memes on alternate Tuesdays before triple-witching hours.

> I seeded Godwin's Law ...

I concede to the seeded con. Most amusing. But, several other heretofore
uninvented, yet historically valid, corollaries have been left off.

Baisley's Law Of Existential Remainders:
As soon as a comparison is made, 1 is almost always greater than 0,
especially for large values of 1.

Baisley's Law Of Wooden Posts:
Lloyd converges like a one-legged man in an asymtote-kicking contest.

Baisley's Law Of Quantum Meme 0' Dynamics:
Probability amplitudes are always odd parity in tristable multivibrators.

Baisley's Law Of The Excluded Middle (Under U -> R):
I can find Einstein Bagels. I can find Rosen Bagels. I cannot find Podolsky
Bagels. This is a paradox.

> That article clearly outlines the corruption of the original statement
> of the law, but at no point does it mention the end of a thread.

Of course not. Otherwise the thread would have ended prior to the Law's being
posted by some Nazi hate group.

Apparently there were some missing lines in Lloyd's original post, here filled

> Mentioning Hitler and being completely dead-on absolutely right has

certainly eluded me whilst trying to figure out newsgroups. It's

> certainly been the case for me in the many times I've been forced

to connect at 300 baud with my Atari running an RT-11/SJ emu. Often,

> through desperation to bring up Hitler in the past while arguing with

Fascisti from the future, I've invent many fables, which I've passed off as

> the accepted wisdom of clueless morons on usenet and elsewhere; do

you realize the pressure this puts on me? Please make a mental

> note that I'm mentioning Hitler right now, and I hope that you all

will do the same. I don't expect anyone, not even me, to

> appreciate the ramifications of the point that I'm making here.


Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies
Alafowlia gone as downsizing
Anansi analogizes golf widow.
Diagonalwise Swazi gonfalon
Finalizing, as good as a new low
I, Dawson, foozlin' a Glaswegian
Sloganize, fooling Wasandawi.
"Wonga-wonga," fossiled Azilian!