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> > > > Can we officially declare ProWrestling the official 'sport' of F=
> > >
> > > Of course not Tim; it's already Nintendo-64 and it's all encompassi=
> In my hunt to find all emulators I have stumbled into at least 10 or so
> NES SNES Genisys and other games having to do with pro wrestling. It is
> amazing to see the historic arc across time and platforms. Andre The
> Giant, man that was one big bunch of homronal strangness.

Well the current "Giant" in WCW is actually bigger than Andr=E9. Interest=
thing about Andr=E9 was he was a gourmet chief. A little obscure fact.

Also what was interesting about the Mike Tyson WWF thing was when asked
about joining WWF he commented he was a fan from long ago. Then mentioned
Bruno San Martino and Jimmy "Superfly" Snooka.

Man that is *OLD SKOOL*



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