Re: Where are the NCs

Jeff Bone (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 19:29:22 -0600

I can't speak authoritatively to NC usage in corporations, but I find it
hard to believe that people are chunking their PCs for these things just
yet. (Much as I'd like to.) My understanding was that most of the NC
purchases were going towards replacing dumb terminals, especially on the
IBM side of the house. I'd really be interested in this IDC survey.

As for seeing an NC: you can go see a consumerized one down at your
local CircuitCity or other electronics megastore. RCA has a
consumer-ized NC out positioned as a WebTV killer. I own a WebTV box
and am heavily into consumer electronics, Internet appliances, and Java,
so I jetted down to the store the day the RCA boxes arrived to check one
out. I won't float an opinion for fear of predjudicing anyone, but I'd
be interested in anyone else here's opinions / comparison of the two.