Re: 22 other "youths"

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 22:11:08 -0600

> CobraBoy wrote:
> > All AOL chat rooms, which IS the Internet (in caase you don't know) is
> > limited to 23 Lusers...
> AOL??? Never heard before. I thought the disks I always get are just
> doorstoppers.
> -JoeF

I'm so proud of my nephew. He's part of the 'youth against AOL' crowd in
2 schools (8th grade) and I expect him to cook the perception further until
Linux becomes the one marketing meme. Austin Powers and Free Software.
Anime and Rudra.
New Drives and Servers.
Crystal Semi. and Block Parties.
...there's a free trade zone on your shoulder! Look out!