RE: Where are the NCs

Philip DesAutels (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 21:56:53 -0700

-> I can't speak authoritatively to NC usage in corporations, but I find
-> hard to believe that people are chunking their PCs for these things
-> yet. (Much as I'd like to.) My understanding was that most of the
-> purchases were going towards replacing dumb terminals, especially on
-> IBM side of the house. I'd really be interested in this IDC survey.
Having managed and lived in a host of IBM shops, what is interesting is
the number of people who use $2K PCs as mostly-terminals and only
occasionally do something interesting with the PC - like print or play
solitare, so the IBM NCs are replacing PCs in those places where the
approriate tool is really a bit more than a 3279 but less than a Wintel

-> As for seeing an NC: you can go see a consumerized one down at your
-> local CircuitCity or other electronics megastore. RCA has a
-> consumer-ized NC out positioned as a WebTV killer. I own a WebTV box
-> and am heavily into consumer electronics, Internet appliances, and
-> so I jetted down to the store the day the RCA boxes arrived to check
-> out. I won't float an opinion for fear of predjudicing anyone, but
-> be interested in anyone else here's opinions / comparison of the two.

Not a bad box, but the WebTV from Sony has my top vote right now.

FYI: I'm in the techno junki box too. I have WebTVs from Magnavox and
Sony, the RCA and a Hauppauge PC TV card which IMHO rocks.