Re: [BITS] Skewering AI for Fun and Profit -- 230 Final Exam

Steve Nordquist (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 18:15:24 -0600

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> ...1997 America Reads Challenge and the 1994 National Assessment of
> Educational Progress both cite numbers that more than 40%
> of fourth graders cannot read at the most basic level

This had to be done in order for calculus reform to go forward.
"Gestures and money only"...universal signage is stalled in a WG.
alt. "ici on $ HTTX"

I'm also decided that iff I did not learn to read, I would:
generate a context-free grammar
generate an unambiguous receipt to entertain my economic self
seek out the unwashed for giant, unfinished hors d'oevures
attend on people who can't care what they get
drink 'scotch' and hope for the best