Re: Home pages

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 07:22:53 -0800

> I have an early version of my most-often used starting points (with lots of
> seperate forms, unfortunately) at
> <>.

I snipped the forms box from AltaVista and put it
on my home page (on my home machine). I got tired of
waiting for all the banners off of the AV site to load
and to set the language to English every time,
so now when I do a search, it's a local disk load,
and then I hit search which goes out and executes the
AV cgi. The following has been the most useful thing
I've found on the WWW ever. I use it 30 times a day.

<FORM name=mfrm method=GET action="">

People borrow images, text, and applets, so there is no reason
why they shouldn't borrow cgi's.