Re: FC: Encryption humor (yes, it exists)

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:13:59 -0800

Al Bore was on campus today, I tried to get close to him
to ask his opinion of the current US export restriction
on encryption, but they won't let you near him if you
aren't wearing shoes. Heck, it's spring break in CA,
what does he expect?


> Today Ogbert noted that any attempt by Reinsch or other U.S. officials
> to enforce the byzantine U.S. export laws against U.S. citizens or
> nationals of other countries would be a crime punishable in an
> Elbonian court of law. Ogbert admitted that prosecution of a foreign
> national such as Reinsch may be difficult, especially given the U.S.'s
> oft-demonstrated interest in censoring its own citizens' self-
> expression.