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At 6:09 PM -0800 3/22/98, Rohit Khare came up with the following:

> Are there words enough for the vileness of what went on in Glen Ridge?
> And that it goes on so many other places, so many other times? Like
> most, I read the news stories about the 'baseball bat and the retarded
> girl' so many years ago, but this Salon piece from last August about
> the book Our Guys: The Glen Ridge Rape and the Secret Life of the
> Perfect Suburb makes it clear that this was a pattern, of years, of
> dozens of boys, of an entire community. And to see that community
> rally around these sons-of-bitches. And to think only a fat nigger --
> an outsider barely tolerated because he was strong (or, you might
> imagine, smart) -- was what it took to tell the truth, so sticky is
> the web of community and relative morals.
> The Rape of Nanking was only a matter of scale, I suppose. But the
> mind is so willing to ignore evil; it's too difficult to live in the
> same world with it. I found myself making the same excuses as I heard
> their story, and even as I read along below. One by one, the excuses
> fell away, until I read the excerpt about the party (unrelated to the
> rape) that just made me scream that there is nothing left to redeem
> this. And nothing -- no punishment, no **outrage** from the system.
> Sick -- not just the act, but the system.
> Rohit

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