RE: Our Boys: The Glen Ridge Rape and the Secret Life of the

Mike Masnick (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:31:17 -0500

At 10:40 PM 3/22/98 -0800, Joe Barrera wrote:
>>> Are there words enough for the vileness of what went on in Glen Ridge?
>>> And that it goes on so many other places, so many other times? Like
>>> most, I read the news stories about the 'baseball bat and the retarded
>[tim, quoting]
>> Suburban life ain't what it seems
>> [...]
>Tim's on the right track. There is music out there that, along with its
>lyrics, begins to convey the appropriate level of anger and outrage.
>Unfortunately most of my early punk is on LPs and thus at work. All my
>Nirvana is at work too, otherwise I'd quote Cobain describing a couple of
>teenage rapists (said to have been "inspired" by a Nirvana song) as "wastes
>of sperm and eggs".

And in the ska world there is Rhoda Dhakar's "The Boiler" done with the
Specials in the early 80s. She also did the song with her own band, The
Bodysnatchers, but they never recorded it. I have two copies of it, and I
*cannot* listen to it. It is a very disturbing song about rape. I don't
think I've listened to in about 5 or 6 years. Basically it's the story of
a woman who meets a guy in a store, and he later takes her out and, after a
date, rapes her. It's very haunting. It ends with a very long, very
powerful scream from Rhoda that goes on for what seems like an eternity,
but is probably more like a minute.

I don't know of any stories of anyone misstaking it for pro-rape. 1) I
doubt anyone could based on that scream, and the overall mood of the song
and 2) maybe it's just because this one is sung by a woman.