CobraBoy reviews Adam's Reviews

CobraBoy (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:44:20 -0800

Recently Adam "Biggie R" weighed in with some opinions on new CD's. I have
a little problem with Adam's reviews becaue he seems to like anything blown
to glass. So here is CobraBoy's opinion.

Van Halen III
First off Gary Sharron sounds exactly like Sammy Hagar. Well without the
personality, if you can imagine Sammy having a personality. Second, while
any hack with a six string could figure out Panama or Runnin', Eddie has
gone so far out there as to be just a total freak. Anyone that has ever
picked up a guitar will hear his playing on this and just marvel, then
dismiss it. No one can do what he does with a guitar. Which in a weird way
devalues his playing. It's like Micheal Jordan, he's a one off that no one
can compare to.

So what about the CD? Well I don't like Sammy Hagar, let's get that out
front. That being said I thought Balance was a good album. Very balanced,
even, and good songs. Great to listen to in a number of situations. This
album is uneven. Not raw uneven, great uneven. Some parts (well Eddie's
parts) are amazing, other parts aren't. The other think is this is made
like an old school album. Songs of 6 or so minutes. Wildly varying tempos.
This isn't car music, this isn't work out music, this isn't get stoned and
listen music, or party music. Eddie is great and the rest of the band is
competent, I just don't know when I'd listen to it.

Oh yeah, one other thing. It's produced by Mike Post of TV fame. If you
understand anything about Fletcher Munson you'll understand what that means.

Metallica Reload
Reload, as in you're shooting blanks and it's time to reload. This is the
first Metallica that I've bought since the "black" album. It's ok. It just
doesn't compare to everything through "Justice." It's produced by Bob Rock
with his typical bombastic style. Good driving music.

Madonna Ray of Light
Ok, this is THE one. It's just fantastic. Great production. Very
techno/trance without crossing over into the "gay beats" she has used
before. Lot's of subtle influences, good energy. Not overly Madonna
sounding. As a matter of fact it could be any female singer. Clearly
popping a kid out of her knocked her around a bit. Good driving, stoned,
party, or BDSM session music.



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