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NC Town Arrests Library Borrowers (AP Online; 03/23/98) BURLINGTON, N.C.
(AP) Police are hot on the trail of felons who have run rampant in this
town for years: scofflaw library patrons. Burlington's May Memorial
Library asked city police to arrest more than 60 people and charge them
with a felony for failing to return borrowed library materials. At least
35 have been arrested so far, including six juveniles. The case load is
so heavy that the lead investigator has had to work on his days off. The
district attorney has said he will prosecute. "Legally, a person could
face five to six months' active time in jail," said police Maj. Randy
Jones. "They could have more time if they have prior convictions. And
it's conceivable juveniles could do time in a detention center. But
that's not likely." Defendants also face court costs starting at $80,
not to mention the hassle of being fingerprinted and photographed for a
mug shot. Some people arrested this month had to post a $500 bond.
Police are arresting the wayward borrowers using a state law that makes
it a crime to steal, deface or devalue library books, rare coins,
manuscripts and pieces of art. Alamance County library director Margaret
Blanchard said $102,860 worth of materials was missing last November.
Since the crackdown started, the amount is down to less than $50,000.
"Yeah, we do have better things to do," Jones said. "I'd rather chase a
dope dealer than somebody who doesn't return a library book. But it's
still $100,000. I wouldn't look over anyone with this kind of loss."

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