FORK/Re: Bioweapons & the Soviet Lie

Steve Nordquist (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:34:07 -0600

What's this about modern evil and pathways of disease? XML will
feed them overvalued stocks and tell them to do unnatural things
which their minds (if installed) will misconstrue, eventuating a cure.

In the Education Reform realm (i.e. teacher education#music therapy)
there has been a movement back away from 'pretend you have to take
care of a baby for a day' simulation to the simple 'you are on an adult
(first) date' simulation. (If you got in on the crest of that wave, perhaps
you can add to the FAQ on where all the stolen baby proxies are
hidden in realspace. Simulated evil gets just as much mileage....)

Also, viz. the music thread, Scotland has had several full versions in
evolution atop of rape v.1, having had several follow-ons to primur
nocte (sic.) (dang! *2* Oscars ago?) from random nations
(including matriarchie(s)) in the vicinity. They're OK, outlaws et al.

This little virus eats only 'Pepsi Blue....'
This little virus eats 1s.
This one belongs to the VSI.
This one compiles SGML.
This one aided evolution and makes a tasty brio from a diet of
overripe mango.

David Long wrote:

> ... as little as $.60/base.

Cheaper if it's common DNA, although there are license restrictions onwho may
grab a common gram-negative (or some +) sequence. That said,
I will now scare all the people who itch when they see bloatware:
If you've had smallpox (just me? I thought it was a lite version of the
pox) you have an archival copy in your bone DNA.
Now go eat some more telomeres.... :)

BTW, I never found anyone who cared: Is it 'oi-kar-yotes' with no nucleus
or ER, or is that us after a no-prize cianti (which could use a little more
regulation, while we're going after everyone with a test tube)?

My favorite 'contamination' subject, of course, is mycoplasma. Mycoplasma
happens to a few bio students in every class when these small spores get into

their gene insertion lab...or occasionally in basic classes when someone's
handling method can turn water into goo in a scant 3 hours! Not only does
it promote a brief search in young students for a male student in the class
thin *ahem*

There was a 'scare,' culminating in some wretched grant proposals,
about these until a position paper (in Cell's _Virology &..._) made clear
mycoplasmids were too simple to have any machinery or -access to-
machinery to make something nasty. Believe in your 10,000-year-old

> Luckily for us, one can't order up Ebola or Marburg and have it delivered
> FedEx next-day, as those processes are only suitable for 50-100 bases,
> and the filoviridae are on the order of 20 kb. long.<SNIP!>

Certainly it would be necessary to spend a few grand on a breeding
(andfiltration) unit in order to replicate the DNA, and to somehow come by
of the cells to support the virus. This amount of dung is almost certain to
neighbors, sicken horses, etc! In addition, assembling Ebola from DNA by
full (representative) allelle would be an obvious, slow, touchy way to do it.

Given that these diseases still pop up in the improvised third worlds, (Glen
Cove please, not Glen Canyon) it would probably both dissuade the
interested party simply to do the dirty work.

Kim Bassinger can act?! I feel fear! And what's with that quilted gold
is Oscar supposed to stick out that much too, glowing chastity belt et al?