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A computer expert is needed immediately to testify as an expert
witness in

an ongoing criminal matter in Federal District Court in Los Angeles.

Mitnick is seeking a highly credentialed expert in computer security,

telecommunications, system and network administration to testify in

highly publicized computer "hacking" case.

This will be a groundbreaking case and is expected to attract

media coverage. Testimony will be required as early as March 30, 1998

Los Angeles, California. Further testimony will be needed at trial,

this year. Expert witness fees will be paid by the federal court.

Qualified candidates must have an advanced degree and be knowledgeable

DOS, Windows 3.ll, Unix (SunOs & Solaris), VAX/VMS, and Internet

operations. Experience with cellular telephone networks is a plus.

Previous expert testimony and/or publication are preferred.

Qualified candidates, please contact Mr. Mitnick through his

defense counsel, Donald C. Randolph, Esq. at (310) 395-7900 or write
to him

at: Donald C. Randolph, Esq., Randolph & Levanas, 1717 4th Street,

Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90401-3319. Email address is:



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