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John M. Klassa (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 14:52:09 -0500

You guys will like this... It's in the spirit of Wayne's work.

English As She Is Spoken

Somebody's post on led me to the AltaVista
Translations page, where you can enter a phrase and have it translated
to or from several Romance languages. Quickly. Inaccurately. The author
in question had followed the only logical course of action, feeding the
results back into the machine until the translations "bottomed out," and
no more linguistic mutations occurred. I have automated the process.

Please note that the script that drives this thing is rather crude, and
that you'll occasionally see error messages. Especially when you mess
around with German.

Jon Feinberg

Your Results:

I speak other languages real good.
Ich spreche anderes Sprachreales gutes.
I speak other languagereal good.
Ich spreche anderes languagereal gutes.
I speak other LANGUAGE-REALLY good.
Ich spreche anderes gutes LANGUAGE-REALLY.
I speak other good LANGUAGE REALLY.
Ich spreche andere gute SPRACHE WIRKLICH.
I speak other good LANGUAGE REAL.
Ich spreche andere gute REALE SPRACHE.
I speak other good REAL LANGUAGE.

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