Re: GeeK: Conspiracies, Bioweapons & the Soviet Lie

CobraBoy (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 07:15:12 -0800

At 11:33 PM -0800 3/24/98, Gregory Alan Bolcer came up with the following:

> > > form of warfare yet.. yeah, sure.
> >
> > Most excellent post. Composed with just the right mix of knowledge,
> > sarcasm, and bad punctuation.
> Of course, I'm sure Erika can back up her opinions with
> something more bitful that a general distrust for the
> government.

> Anyways, what happened to giving people shit for
> de-lurking? Tbyars just went easy on her because she's got
> an anti-microsoft page.

First off that's Dr. Byars to you buddy.

Second, I never gave people shit for delurking. People we're bounced around
a bit for their stupid joining messages.

"I'm a reasearcher studing extended extrapolation of extensions based on
xtra large meta markup comments, and I read the FAQ, I want to join."



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