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Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:41:55 -0600

> What is this American fascination with bludgeoning a formerly elegant
> Japanese poetic form, suited primarily to the Japanese language, to
> death?

What is this Woodsian fascination with separating by such a wide distance, so
as to allow absurd readings in, parts of a sentence?

I used to have my own little SPAM-ku-gram section in John Cho's collection, but
that went away some time ago, and I am just 5 faces in a crowd of almost 10000.
I hope some day to discover a SPAM-ku-gram-indrome.

Anagrams of "SPAM, by Hormel, Inc."

By simple corn-ham
(rich baloney!) Ms. P.M.
beclamps my rhino.

Acronym him, plebs.
SPicy hAM, Mr. Nobel!
SPAM, by Hormel, Inc.

Re: Shimmy-bop clan --
Mealy O.B. R.N. chimps
pry balconies. Hmm.

Anagrams of "SPAM, by Hormel Foods."

Some formal Ph-
D boys spoof Brahms' melody,
"SPAM," by Hormel Foods.

Sammy beholds proof:
PhDs' foamy bloomers --
mashy problem foods

The worst part is, there are more. Like:

By no simple charm,
I'm NBC armhole spy.
Sly mambo pincher.