Daniel Veillard (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 17:41:15 -0500

> Homework exercise:
> Calculate the effect on America's software productivity if an earthquake hit S.F. in the middle of this party:
> ", in celebration of the release of the Netscape Communicator source code."

And answer the most
important question :

8.But I'm going to be at IETF in LA that day! Waaah!

I'm sorry. The source goes out on the 31st. The following night
is clearly the time to have the party. Flights from LA to SF are
cheap and fast, and don't involve jet-lag. Live on the edge.

*grin* Why are the U.S. that big that you need to take a plane to
go to a party :-\ ... Why is everything happening only in L.A. area ?

Rohit, didn't you suggest organizing something at the IETF anyway ?