Recovering the satellites

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Anagrams of Teledesic

Cede islet.
Cedes tile.
Cited else.
Cite Edsel.
Cite Leeds.
Delete [sic].
Diesel, etc.
Elects die.
Elect side.
Elides, etc.
Iced steel
I.e., select'd.
I selected.
Is elected.
Secede til ...
Sliced tee
Teles iced.

Anagrams of Teledesic LLC

cc: Dell's elite
Cecil tells Ed.
Cell is elect'd.
Cell sect lied.
Cleese till DC
CT sliced Elle.
DC's elite cell
Deli cells, etc.
Eccles'll diet.
Elle cc-listed
Idle cell sect
Idle cells, etc.
I'd select cell.
I'd tell Eccles.
I'll delete cc's.
Select cell, Di.
Select cell ID.
Sell Celtic, Ed.