Re: geek pride day 98!

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 20:31:56 -0600

Joachim Feise wrote:


Compelling URI. (sigh) Everyone's a multinational with multiple charters now.Tell
me how it is that I can listen to C64 songs and remakes, enjoy them
and become embarassed when showing them in front of an Amiga user group,
but bring them to an ACM meeting and feel nothing but pride?

Spoon sound (Nederland; PC, Amiga) (a near miss)
(see Slurpeemix...) made it apparent that samples of 10-24k
could be ten times better music than those with .02 to 13k (8bit) samples), but
it isn't as significant a difference. Was it only that the ACM liked my ideas
about Cht'hulhu, so older things fit in better, or does Martha Stewart have
something to say about the comfortable environment a few hardened 8bit
mcus can build into a social occasion?