[VOID] Live from the fugu front

Rohit Khare (khare@alumni.caltech.edu)
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 20:32:47 -0800 (PST)


[Ed: I am posting a brief update on food and (my) drink before fording forth with next week's IETF adventures (I'm here in the terminal room now):

Monday I was out with Dave Long at the IEEE Orange County's CDMA geektalk, then dinner at Sid's; I didn't get any sleep before trudging off for the 3:30 AM shuttle; had breakfast Tuesday with Rajit at LAX; lunch with Dan Connolly at ObaChine in Seattle, and dinner at Flying Fish with Dan Kohn, Dan C, and Chris Lilley (chardonnay and Bowmore Islay malt) and drinks with DanK at the Palace (keoki coffee, amaretto); Wednesday conference luncheon discussion of YML, Dinner at 13 Coins with Dan C, Chris L, Dave Singer of IBM and Steve Zilles of Adobe (Amity dry Gewurztraminer from Oregon) Drinks at Axis with Chris L (Basil Hayden's, Macallan's 18) Trance/gothic clubbing at Vogue with Chris L (pitcher of cider) Thursday conference luncheon discussion of XML EDI with Alan Kotok (the OTHER one, from GCA) Dinner at Hale's Pub with Chris Olds and Ray Neimeir (India pale, cream, and stout float (w/vanilla ice cream and brownies) Drinks at the Palace with Chris L and Matt Fuchs (Disney, now CNgroup, er, VEOsystems) (Caol Ila 25yr, apple-infused bourbon, keoki coffee) Friday luncheon at the conference with XSL filk; Friday dinner (lagavulin), drinks (bunahabhain x 3), drinks (Henry Weinhards x 3, Tullamore Dew x 2) Saturday lunch with Adam and Megan C at Wild Ginger Espresso and dessert at B&O in Capitol Hill (peanut butter mousse pie) Dinner at Courtyard (room-service sandwiches) Drinks at Cucina!Cucina! with Lisa Rein (infused finlandia x 5, Jack Daniel's single barrel x 2) Breakfast Sunday at 13 Coins with Lisa Rein (fritatta and zabaglione) Breakfast at Cool Hand Luke's in Madrona with Dan K, Adam, Alexander and Natasha

Locked keys in the rental trunk. Called AAA, Chevy, locksmith, then realized there's a passthrough to the trunk Missed flight; rerouted to LAX; EVERY flight to california was sold out due to spring break. Riffled through a list of Seattle 1Ks and saw 97 of 100 were male. Drinks enroute with S.F., a 43-yo 1K+ seatmate who thought I was charming, brash, intelligent, driven, handsome, and should definitely get myself laid (cabernet sauvignon, amaretto x 3) Snacks at the IETF reception here in LA

People who I wanted to meet in Seattle -- but didn't: Todd Kaloudis, Magnus Hedlund. People who I wanted to meet in Seattle -- but will in LA this week anyway: Brian LaMacchia, Alex Hopmann, Lisa Dusseault

That was my week in a nutshell, and forthwith some raw notes from the Friday night geek blowout which began at 6PM in the Westin Lobby, went to the Asian cafe Blowfish for dinner, Theoz for scotch, 7-11 for beer, and ended up at 6:00 AM in my hotel room... but all the midnight discussion of geek relationships and lack of nookie wasn't archived :-(]

Clockwise from Ro's Left:

Larry Wall Ray Niemeir Adam Rifkin John Kominetz Dan Kohn Shawn O'Connor Yaron Goland Ray Cromwell Chris Olds, Adam Turoff

Larry decide to bring his laptop bacqk out and check on news, by Ricochet: 7661 messages behind in perl5-porters

Yaron playing Mortal Kombat against all comers: close tags, IE4, Active Directory, HTTP/1.1,..

A couple thousand dollars of wine on expense account -- guess which MS manager would do that just to spite a snooty waiter?

Bill crossed the $50 Billion mark today - up 5%

Gnu Win32 tools

Yaron namedropping about his ADSL drop at home

Circuit board business card case

"Bell Atlantic was a reasonable outfit until they merged with Nynex!"

Platinum card concierge -- could they deliver a 10BaseT crossover cable to this table so Larry and I can set up a subnet?

AmEx: Credit policy -- there's a hidden limit based on your history * TCP slow start: 2X your highest bill. Sanding hard drives down to aluminum to erase the data -- write heads aren't enough

Larry checking his CDROM disc changer at home -- nfs mounted over ricochet! -- to find a flame he posted four years ago Dan Kohn liked in his undergrad days.

Linguist by training

How Yaron got his job: "Because frankly, I'm an asshole" and "show me the money"

Would never call a language python

DirectX->perl for games=>perl 3d=> Direct Perl => Open PL <applause>

90% of [Human] DNA is Junk -- and 100% of Billg's new Distributed Network Architecture and Digital Nervous System. Lwall: Don't shoot the messenger RNA. MS April Fool's newsletter: Digital Digestive System...



<japh name="Adam Turoff"> This is a non-empty element visiting from Philly, the land of Belgian Beer, Cask ale and (mostly) four seasons per year. </japh>

/cco - I finally met Rohit, and here I am (good thing I live in Seattle). As the token local (ok Yaron lives in the area, but not in Seattle). The best bits are about keeping the pipes of the net full with WEBDav.

<me name="Ray Cromwell"> <email foo=ray@contentware.com> Native east coaster, super geek, wanna be bill gates entrepreneur, Perl and Java evangelist. I met Larry Wall, now I can die in peace.

Arguing Microsoft... Bastards! </me>

<Person> <Name>Yaron Y. Goland</> <Message> The dessert is here and I am a man with priorities damnit! Besides, Rohit already knows anything worth saying. </> </>

<person name="Shawn O'Connor" email=shawn@contentware.com> Here in Seattle from DC. Moving this laptop along before it dies. </person>

Dan Kohn: I am sitting across from Larry Wall and he is even sharper in person than I expected from his on-line persona. "A language is not just a snytax and semantics; it's culture" - Larry Wall, 3/27/98.

"Larry, you will go to hell for taking both P and L in BCPL [the evolution of programming languages follows B->C->not C++, but PL, of course...]" - John Kominetz Ray Niemeir: Is a recursive archive possible? Especially a distributed recursive archive?

John Kominetz: Here I am, apparently not in Word dictionary since there are those squiggly read things under my name. Seattle is a long way from Philadelphia, but here I find community. Common past: Amigas and Commodore and Guru Meditation Errors. Common present: Microsoft and perl and XML and syntactic messiahs. Is there a common future? Maybe we can find it in this: Since death is certain, and the time of death is uncertain, what should we do?

Adam: Three reasons why I think OJ did it circle around the criminal defense's threefold strategy of blaming the victim, blaming the police, and blaming a society that often doles out justice based on racial prejudices. I'm sitting here in the middle of the XML conference with a bunch of ubergeeks, four years after the OJ Simpson murders, and still I cannot get OJ out of my mind. Is it any wonder that thus far I've been able to squeeze 4 years of education into just over 26 years (and counting...)? It's just like reincarnation. I'll repeat my education until I get it right. And at this rate I should outlive Yoda. In fact, a quick perusal of my epidermis reveals the start of a sickly green tint. And by the way, Joebar, thanks for not informing me of the correct pronunciation of "Rick Rashid" thereby making me seem the fool to the half dozen members of the Microsoft Operating Systems Research Team I interviewed with on Thursday. Speaking of which, I may have signed away enough nondisclosure forms to never say anything of value to anyone ever again (again?!), but I can certainly tell you that Microsoft has some extremely impressive people working on extremely impressive problems that should propel the company and its products well into the 21st century. My advice? Microsoft stock is a BARGAIN at its current price of 90. Buy, buy, BUY!!!! Oh yeah, I bought Larry Wall a coke in exchange for him letting me use his laptop to check my email. Of course, half of FoRK is here in Seattle right now (or so it seems) so there was nothing worth reading in my mailbox. Which makes it a fair trade: colored water in exchange for nothing in particular... waiter, make mine a double!

Larry Wall: I never turn down free food. As for who I am, I'm still trying to figure that out. People keep telling me who they think I am, but they're all wrong. I hope...