Be careful what you say

Philip DesAutels (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 23:50:08 -0700

Reuters/Wired Digital News Summary (Reuters; 03/25/98) Threats to Gates
Lead to Prison Gates SAN FRANCISCO (Wired) - The defendant told the
court he was surprised his first threatening letter to Bill Gates drew a
response, but he sent more of them and now could be sent to prison for
up to 20 years. Adam Quinn Pletcher could also be fined up to $1
million. An Illinois court convicted the 22-year old Pletcher on four
counts of extortion for the letters, in which he demanded $5 million in
return for not harming the Microsoft chairman, his wife, his daughter
and another Microsoft executive. Pletcher, who wanted the money to open
a nightclub, called his letters "almost a kind of interactive story." A
prosecutor says he doubts Pletcher will get more than a ten-year
sentence. Gates, who didn't attend the trial, issued a statement
thanking law enforcement officials "for their excellent work in
resolving the case."